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We are Ireland based company. Our mission is to help small and medium businesses to grow and develop them services and products during this difficult time in COVID 19.

Our products can help you save time and money. We develop Chatbot services, Virtual 3D and human virtual assistants. We create a smart business directory to help advertise your business, if you join in GuideBot Ireland you will get a lot of benefits + FREE video for your business.

 Isn’t it exciting?


GUIDE BOOKING is another product that we want to present to your attention!

We want to cover all aspects of the tools any business need.

Automation, Advertising, Booking!

An innovative and attractive way to present your services and products!


Sign up for Guide Booking and try Pro free for 7 days!

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Schedule appointments with staff members, manage no-shows, eliminate repetitive tasks, and create a sleek appointment booking system with the free plan, OR, build a complete marketing software stack with the Pro and Pro+ plans.

Guide Booking is user-friendly free employee scheduling software integrates with all your marketing, record-keeping, invoicing, rescheduling, and work schedule management apps (Zoom, Outlook, Mailchimp, etc.) for stress-free automated customer engagement. 

Integrate with hundreds of customer engagement mobile apps on all types of mobile devices.

Authorize and Accepts Payments During Booking

Accept payments with smart invoicing via an account, with just an API key and zero programmings. No credit card needed.


Set up a Stripe account and start collecting payments at the time of online booking.










 Automatically Schedule and Run Meetings

Automated Zoom Links

Generate unique Zoom links and passwords for all parties.

One-on-One Booking

Connect one customer with one staff member.

Group Event Booking

Connect several customers with one staff member, for one-time or recurring events.

One Customer + Multiple Staff

Connect one customer with multiple staff members.

Set Starting Times

Establish the starting time (and day) for each booked appointment.

Set Future Appointment Limits

Set a limit on how far into the future customers can book appointments.

Set Meeting Buffer Times

Add extra time before and/or after the appointment.

Show Staff Availability

Display only the calendar dates when staff is available for appointments.

Flexible Dashboard

Email Notifications

Customize your emails with unique brand elements such as text, colours, and more.

SMS Reminders

Send up to two SMS reminders for scheduled meetings.

Multiple Time Zones

Display global time zones and schedule meetings based on your customer’s time zone.

Set Lead Times

Set up a minimum lead time before an appointment can be scheduled.

 32 Languages in One Free Scheduling App



€ 30 /mo



Two - way calendar sync


SMS - Text reminders




Skill - based routing


Group events


€ 35 /mo



Advanced booking software/CRM integration


Custom scheduling software features


Multiple appointment reminders


Own appointment review links


Built - in Zapier integration


Does the free account trial really free?

Yes, the free booking service trial has no hidden charges and clients don’t need a credit card to subscribe. Plus, the trial comes with full Pro Plan features such as unlimited staff logins, scheduling appointments in all business hours, as well as Zoom integration. All of that free for 7-days, with no cancellation fee.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes. You can upgrade and downgrade from Pro to Pro+ and vice versa, at any time. Simply remove all but 1 user to switch plans. Each time you add or remove users, your billing will automatically reflect that. 

Is there a discount on annual plans?

Yes. We offer over 20% off on all annually paid plans. Your plans will renew automatically unless you cancel before the renewal date. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. A cancelled plan will not be renewed at its due date, whether it’s a monthly or yearly plan. 

Can I integrate third-party software into my GuideBooking scheduling software?

Yes. You can integrate a wide range of third-party services and applications into your GuideBooking scheduling tool. These include PayPal, Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, Mailchimp, Zapier, and many more.

Which payment methods are accepted?

All of our plans are paid for via credit card (in EU). 

What’s a ‘User’ in the GuideBooking Free Appointment Scheduler system?

In our system, a “User” is typically a staff member who can book appointments or act as an admin. However, it can also include contractors, service providers, or even an additional Google calendar for booking two appointments at one time. Our pricing plans are based on the number of users. We offer an unlimited number of customers on our free appointment scheduler plans.

calendar for booking 2 appointments at one time.

A number of customers are unlimited on all plans from Free to Pro+.

Are text messages included in the plans?

Yes, all our plans include free text message reminders. The number of reminders varies across plans. The Pro Plan comes with 1 text reminder per appointment, and the Pro+ Plan comes with 2 text reminders per appointment. 

Does GuideBooking offer refunds?

Currently, we are not offering a refund on our Pro and Pro+ plans. We do offer a free appointment scheduler which lets you book free online appointments, enable rescheduling, schedule appointments for multiple staff members, manage no-shows, and add multiple time zones, all at ZERO cost. 

One Free Appointment Scheduling App for All Types of Bookings

Multilingual Accounts

Choose several languages for a single scheduler account.

Arabic – Bengali – Chinese – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Estonian – Finish – French – German – Hindi – Hungarian – Italian – Japanese – Korean – Malay – Norwegian – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Spanish – Swedish – Turkish – Ukranian – United Kingdom – Vietnamese